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Well hello Ponies, hello 2017. We're glad you're here, for so many reasons, but most of all because we are heading into our official launch. For those who don't know, ELECTRIC PONY STUDIOS soft launched late in 2016, so 2017 for us means we'll be serving you full force. We've got so much in store for the year - photoshoots and music videos are starting to fill the EPS calendar for 2017, and.. lots of plans for the studio. We're adding new textures and colors, as well as props, sets, amenities, all will be revealed as we roll out. Plus we have an opening party to plan for, as well as events throughout the year. Interested in doing a shoot, an event, or want to pitch us an artistic collaboration? Give us a shout. We're on the lookout for ways to come together.

Thanks for joining the ride - we're so happy you're here.

Happy 2017.... saddle up Ponies... xoEPS

#electricponystudios #photoshoot #musicvideo #warehouselosangeles

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