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Remembering the gorgeous, creative spirit of George Michael immortalized in one of our favorite songs and music videos - Freedom '90. Amen George Michael. Every time we sing this song at the top of our lungs in the studio we feel liberated and triumphant to rage against everything we're not, determined that true freedom is to express all of who we really are. And the video... that photography changed the way we looked at what is possible with light (and supermodels). Linda Evangelista in that sweater, and Christie Turlington moving in and out of that shadow - are you kidding?

We love seeing what clients create at Electric Pony Studios - we've seen some of the most creative folks come through in just a short span of time and there's nothing better than seeing the vision transform. Here's to more Freedom '90 in 2017.

#GeorgeMichael #musicvideo #cinematography #supermodels #georgemichael

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