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dancing in the dark

Thank you, Michelle and Barack Obama.

Last night, toward the end of the night when everyone was good and fuzzy in Silverlake at El Cid, Donna Summer's Last Dance came through the speakers and a few of us hit the floor, twirling, feeling the song differently, on the eve of such serious change.

8 years ago we danced with something different in our hearts. Now, dancing feels radical, necessary, an urgent act of commune. After the song, we all talked about the need to connect - how sometimes here in our city, industry events and parties can feel like spectator events. It is our goal this year to foster connection - whether it be for the day that people are with us, or by hosting art events (disco, anyone). We dedicate ourselves to showing up, looking each other in the eye, listening, following through honestly, and having real moments, no matter how fleeting. Let's connect unselfconsciously, in the spirit of creativity. Michelle and Barack, we're dancing for you. Here we go.

#barackobama #dancing #connection #art #radicalconnection

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