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driving into hollywood at 4pm, the boulevard was lined with silhouettes of palm trees that looked away from the street, creating a misty gray part through the city. how appropriate that we were on our way to see 20th Century Women for the second time, which is also painted in heartbreaking tones that are muted and saturated - a film that made us remember what life was like when boredom was world-creating, an emotional baseline from which you could retreat to and burst forth from.

its a good reason we do what we do - we believe in space. in the potential that raw space invites. and so far 2017 has blown us away. this month we hosted music videos, film, and experimental theater. as of a few days ago we've got our first month-long client. we've been having conversations about how you will use the space in coming months. we launched our community program which gives artists, students, faculty, and non-profits access to our space. And, we're beginning to prep for the first event that we're kicking off at the top of spring - the first is an art event that will bridge Los Angeles and another city - we travel there this weekend to begin planning!

What about you? We know you're bursting. Need space to burst forth into? Come talk to us.


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