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Warehouse ballerina Electric Pony Studios

In front of the camera a ballerina dances a routine over and over again and each time she hits the last note in the choreography, she comes up with bloody knees. Pools accumulate as she dances to the instrumental track. She leaps past a tree in the warehouse and lands into a real forest.

It was one of those quiet shoots. That morning we hosted a very different kind of shoot in the - filled with luxury cars and crowds. And then another crew came in carrying huge trees and dirt - planting an urban forest in the warehouse. The cameras rolled as the dancer, Lexie Afradi, who is apparently in high school, danced the routine a million times as her parents watched from the side.

Directed and Edited by: Zain Alexander Shammas

Produced by: Ali Al-Mashat

Director of Photography: Joseph Loeffler

Assistant Camera: Pablo Ruff-Berganza & Megan Ruff-Berganza Gaffer: Pierre Habib Production Design: Ahmed Baageel & Sarah Frances Make-Up / SFX: Grace Balsamo-Gillis Costume Design: Jaci Baird Production Assistants: Hunter Schuessler & Summer Hellen

#musicvideo #ballet #ballerina

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