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Augustine Kofie + Electric Pony Studios

Kofie exterior Electric Pony Studios

A New Year and a new face of Electric Pony Studios! We are huge fans of Los Angeles contemporary artist, Augustine Kofie, who is known for his mural interventions all over the world, as well as painting, collage and installation work. Basically, we are very lucky to call him a friend. With roots in the LA graffiti scene, his work is widely collected and can be seen in London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, - the list goes on to places near and far - Poland, Cape Town, Netherlands, Mexico City, San Francisco, - and literally dozens of others.

We had no idea what to expect - the colors, scheme and design were all a surprise. We only knew that we were getting really, really lucky. Kofie worked quickly and quietly and we were never sure what would change, or when he would consider it finished.

The final work is multidimensional infinite joy - it's balances are satisfying but curious, contained + expansive, and always begging closer interpretations. it's an intervention of the most beautiful and moving kind - it plays with + against the street, changing every minute by light and circumstance, and inversely, everything surrounding it is cast in a new context because of it. So, what is "it"? Thank you, Kofie, for gifting us the questions.

We can't wait for all of you to come down to the studio and see + feel for yourselves.

Kofie exterior Electric Pony Studios


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