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well look at that : our new graffiti wall

Turns out if you invite a crew of graffiti artists to a pristine, huge black wall, things are going to happen quickly. You think, yeah, this'll be an all day affair. Lets BBQ, get some chairs, beverages, and hang. You thought wrong. But lets back up a second.

Director Thomai Hatsios approached us in May about shooting a music video for DJ + Producer Chuck Daggers upcoming single “In Gold.” Did we have a wall she could do a graffiti treatment on? We did. And we liked her vision, a colorful layered look - textures, history, happenstance.

Having worked with well-known Los Angeles based graffiti artist, Merch (@merch_merchy), on feature films and commercials, Hatsios enlisted his help, who in turn recruited writers and fellow members of OTR and LOD (graffiti crews that which date back to the 1980s) to help create the layered look she wanted for the music video.

So. On a perfectly gray Saturday at the studio, Merch, Clover, Blah, Besos, Miker, Lagz, Neko, Chili hit the wall hard. Once the layers were up, Petal (@dangerbeez) came in and painted the musicians logo. Yes you'll see the artists monikers there, but also a few unexpected surprises - see if you can spot em in the time-lapse + the beautiful music video... or come to the studio and check it out for yourself.

#graffiti #Losangeles #FemaleDirector #MusicVideo #ChuckDaggers #music

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